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Usually, families care for each other.  But when it comes to care for their senior and elderly loved ones, many arguments occur over the subject.  Here are a few reasons why you might be fighting within your family about elderly care.  People want their opinions respected, when adult siblings are having trouble concluding to a common view of needs to care for their elderly parent, friction between the different sides occur.  When this is the circumstances you are currently in, it is good to seek help from an expert guidance according to this article on A Place for Mom.  My own grandpa certainly acts grumpy and stubborn all the time, and many other seniors are turned off by the idea of receiving care from someone else.  Being in denial of losing their independence and hoping to not give it up is often the reason these elderly parents are resisting care. It is best to ease your loved ones by educating them about the benefits of receiving care, and that you are not trying to “put them away”.  Another hot topic among families is the cost of senior care, and how to pay for it.  If funding of care is not coming from the elderly parents themselves, conflicts are common when deciding the means to pay.  The best advice is to establish an open communication, understanding each person earns a different range of income, and burden may be more on some than others.

A-1 Home Care in La Mirada offers affordable in home care services for seniors and elderly.  We have expert caregivers in a variety of in home elderly care services, including Parkinson Care, Alzheimer CareAfter Surgery Care, Cancer Care, Diabetes Care, and Incontinence Care, with flexible scheduling to accommodate 24 hour live in care or hourly live-out care. No matter if you live in La Mirada, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Villa Park, Tustin, Irvine, Fountain Valley, Laguna Beach, or any other cities in Orange County or Los Angeles County, you can find the right service with A-1 Home Care.

Call 562-929-8400 today for your senior care needs, or visit www.lamiradainhomecare.com for more information.

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There has been research that exploits the tremendous benefits that having pets has on Elderly individuals.  Pets can help lower blood pressure, alleviate stress, ease depression, and provide your Elderly loved one with a greater sense of worth.  According to a study, 95% of Elderly individuals spent time talking to their pets, 82% said that owning a pet made them feel better when they were sad, and 57% confided their fears and worries to their pets.  Check out this article here to read more about the benefits and what experts have to say.  “…the benefits of animal ownership for seniors have been documented and understood for decades,” says the Pet Information Bureau.

At A-1 Home Care, we offer compassionate and experienced Elder Care services to help provide companionship and care for your loved one.  We understand that you may be busy and can’t find time to provide caregiver services on your own.  We offer services such as Alzheimer’s Care, Parkinson’s Care, Arthritis Care, Post Stroke Care, Hospice Care, and more.  We can assist with personal care services such as personal hygiene, incontinence, and grooming in addition to carrying out daily household tasks.  If your loved one has a pet, we can care for them as well.

Our non-medical caregiver agency has been in business since 1991 with an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau and Shield Accreditation.  We offer in-home care on a 24 hour live-in basis or hourly part-time basis.  We provide our services in La Mirada, Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk, La Habra, Los Alamitos, Downey, Buena Park, Whittier, and other cities in Orange County and Los Angeles County.  If your loved one carries long term insurance, we accept Penn Treaty, John Hancock, CALPERS, Met Life Insurance, Bankers’ Life & Casualty, and Veteran Administration.

To hire a compatible caregiver in your area, CALL us today at 562-929-8400.

For more information, visit us at La Mirada In Home Care.

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a-1 osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis is a common type of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the result of wear and tear over the years. Symptoms of osteoarthritis include stiffness, pain, and swelling around the joints. To differentiated osteoarthritis from normal, take note of when the pain, swelling, or stiffness occurs. If the stiffness or soreness occurs after a long day of activities or exercise  it is normal. If you are experiencing pain or stiffness of the joint right after waking up, it could be a sign of osteoarthritis.  There is no cure for osteoarthritis but treatments are available. Treatments such as medication and surgery are available. To prevent osteoarthritis, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet, and avoid participating in any activity that may injury your joints. Learn more about “Osteoarthritis” from Mayo Clinic.

A-1 Home Care in La Mirada provides in home arthritis care for residents in Whittier, Downey, Los Alamitos, and other cities in Los Angeles County.

Call A-1 Home Care today 562-929-8400 to start Arthritis Care

Visit http://lamiradainhomecare.com for more home care information

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